This section is reserved for naughty couples or couple seekers. Because the more the merrier. Our wonderful Couple Escorts offer exclusive Fetish and BDSM services in Amsterdam. We are listing here couples who make themselves available or solo fetish escorts who go with other couples. Mix and match for a naughty night in Amsterdam.

Why should you book a Couple Fetish Escort in Amsterdam

Because it is sexy and fun, Duh. It is one of those things that if you don’t already do regularly, you should do at least once in your lifetime. You could surprise your significant other with a third person to join for the night or you can treat your self to a kinky threesome.

Ordering a fetish escort for a couples

Most of the couples who order a fetish escort girl do so to dominate one of the partners. A popular imagery is that the escort girl joins in and together with the female partner dominant, humiliate the male partner of the pair. Another popular game that couples like to explore is to order a male fetish escort to dominate the female and perhaps teach a few new tricks to the male in the pair.

Ordering a duo from Couple Fetish Escorts Amsterdam

Booking time with a couple got to be the kinkiest thing ever! Couples who offer Fetish and BDSM escort for single men or other couples are usually very professional and know how to put on a show. It is a great way to get tons of kinky experience and live out your wildest fantasy. To maximize your fun, you might consider renting a BDSM dungeon that is fully equipped.